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Paperback ISBN: 978-91-984195-0-4
EBook kindle ISBN: 978-91-984195-1-1

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CHAPTER 1 Thank mentors

CHAPTER 2 Reveal background

CHAPTER 3 Explain book

CHAPTER 4 Start development

CHAPTER 5 Identify value chain

CHAPTER 6 Utilize processes

CHAPTER 7 Capture staffing & requirements

CHAPTER 8 Predetermine solutions & suppliers

CHAPTER 9 Design architectures

CHAPTER 10 Finalize design & requisites

CHAPTER 11 Realize and integrate white-box

CHAPTER 12 Verify black- & white-box

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Video clips are now prepared to facilitate explaining Cpdm. To visit the video support web page, just click at the video clips item in above menu.

The Cpdm Technical foundation book is now available as an Kindle EBook. Cheaper and in color :- )

The Cpdm Technical foundation book is finally finished, including copy-edited twice, and provided with final cover and pre-pages.

For the moment I am preparing power point training material, and continuously updating this www.cpdm.com web site. I intend to establish a small "community" of ambassadors in LinkedIn and Facebook, who are interested in exploiting the Cpdm model and book for mutual success. If you are interested, send me a mail to christer@sandahl.com to share Cpdm with me !

The Cpdm technical development model is now finished and described, with 800 pages of examples, tables, figures and illustrations. During the summer 2017 it will edited with English reviewers, and to the autumn a 150 book null-series edition will be printed and offered.