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The above menu contain both available and planned video clips, and it will grow in the pace I prepare more and more clips.

Cpdm video clip 2, overview

The major ingredients in Cpdm are described, from the outermost product life-cycle down to technical development, with its three parts - development preparation, technical development and pre-manufacturing.

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The Cpdm video clip 1 can be retrieved by clicking below links:

Cpdm scope

The scope for Cpdm is product development in the beginning of product creation, which is in the beginning of the product life-cycle.


Product development

The product development in red frame above, can be described more formal and detailed, see the schedule below.

Product development consists of three parts:

Development preparation

Development preparation starts with a product idea and prepares this for technical development. The Cpdm book (available both as paperback and ebook from for example amazon) contains a vast example of product development of two chairs.

Technical development

This is the main focus for Cpdm, and is the major part of the Cpdm book. It starts with capture staff & requirements and ends with verification of prototypes. This schedule will be examined a lot in the following presentations.


This takes the verified prototype to a null series for manufacturing. The chair example in the Cpdm book exemplifies in more detail.


During the entire product development, the external suppliers are heavily needed, see the external part of product development in the figure below.

In the earlier phases, suppliers can be contacted to discuss:

Later on, samples and data-sheets can be ordered from their off-the-shelf catalogs or samples can be turnkey developed by suppliers. Later on suppliers will feed the null-series and manufacturers with components.

Cpdm technical development

The core of Cpdm, the technical development has the parts, see the figure below.

The Cpdm technical development consists of three parts:

This schedule will be examined a lot through coming video clips.


About me

My name is Christer Sandahl, I live in a mid-size town in southern Sweden, called Lund.
I have a life-long experience of product development in many companies, small as well as international. I have been dealing with everything from mechanics and electronics, to program development.
I have been frustrated to see mistakes done over and over again. I have tried hard to persuade colleagues to work in a more efficient way, but have never had sufficient tools for this.
Cpdm is finally available describing my experience once and for all. Please use it, to change the development industry for ever.