CHAPTER 7 Capture staffing & requirements

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CHAPTER 2 Reveal background

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CHAPTER 4 Start development

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CHAPTER 7 Capture staffing & requirements

CHAPTER 8 Predetermine solutions & suppliers

CHAPTER 9 Design architectures

CHAPTER 10 Finalize design & requisites

CHAPTER 11 Realize and integrate white-box

CHAPTER 12 Verify black- & white-box

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The first large example in the book is about developing and build a house, showing how restrictions and requirements are captured. The first restrictions are from the house environment, see below. Restrictions are further refined to house requirements, see next table, and so forth inwards to machinery. Each requirements level corresponds to an architecture level, presented under the architecture chapter on this site.

The third example is behaviour requirements fo a software logic module, to be used in one standalone embedded calculator and in one graphical windows calculator. There are various degree of completenes of the requirements, shown here is on basic use case and then a graphical scenario.

The forth example is to specify a digital phone book. The software here is developed to only be a prototype for evaluation of how to structure it in the best way to be expanded to a full implementation.